Lindsey Adelman 14 Light Chandelier Replica

Inspired by Lindsey Adelman who was born in New York City in 1968, and who designs and produces lighting in Manhattan.

Agnes is a stylish design, showcasing a modular anodized light weight aluminum framework with articulated joints. The articulated joints allow Agnes to alter appearance.

A unique modern looking light with its articulated joints, and simple yet stunningly frame work, that sets the light apart from any other.  A light thats more of a work of art with its long slender arms looking down, setting the scene for the room.  A light that really does demand attention wherever placed.  A light thats bold and dramatic, with its strong, yet elegant features, and clever design.  This light draws you in to imagine all the great possibilities alone it can give, and the pleasure you take from seeing it for yourself.

Comes with a choice of frame colours to suit any interior, be it in the home, restaurant, coffee shop or office.  This light literally can be placed anywhere, and will look simply stunning gracing the room perfectly with its presence.

Lindsey Adelman Chandeliers are attractive lighting fixtures.
Our collection of chandeliers with various designs, from the timeless to the modern, to the contemporary art designs which will definitely provide the are with lovely illumination, plus adding a designers touch to any area.




170cm Length X  86cm Width X 90cm Height Not including Pole;  (Pole customizable to any length)


This Lindsey Adelman 14 Chandelier Is Made to order within 7 - 21 days.