Anneka Contemporary Hand Blown Glass Art Chandelier

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Product Dimensions:

  • Small: 120cm x 80cm
  • Large: 150cm x 100cm

All murano hand blown glass chandeliers colours can be customised to any colour / colour combinations of your choice. Take a look at the photo above that has all the colours listed you can choose from.

Chandeliers, these attractive lights installed in the ceiling, had actually been an essential part of residences for centuries. Generally, chandeliers use lamps, crystals cut in prisms, and other ornamental products to light up a room with beautiful, relaxing rays of light.

The collection of chandeliers attributes different designs of chandeliers, from the classic to the modern crystal chandelier, down to the modern art designs which will surely supply your house or structure lobby with stunning lighting, along with comprehensive your interior design as much as the ceiling.

In this collection, we enjoy to show you hundreds of exciting chandeliers, many which would surely fit your home. Numerous of the chandeliers in this collection are hand blown glass art chandeliers which include such interesting forms as well as colours. These contemporary hand blown glass chandeliers integrate modern-day art styles into this old glass developing method called glassblowing.

You will certainly find some of the earliest chandelier styles in this collection, consisting of the rustic crystal chandelier as well as the classic candle crystal chandelier. You will additionally find the industrial antique chandelier as well as iron chandelier rather fascinating.

We likewise provide replicas of some very interesting art designs created by contemporary glass artists including the stilio chandelier replica, spider chandelier replica and also many more. The collection also includes contemporary hand blown glass chandeliers which display mind-blowing patterns and also shades consisting of the black glass blown chandelier. In this collection, you will definitely discover the chandelier of your taste, be it a small, fascinating artwork or a luxury crystal chandelier for more formal areas.

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