Eno: Wooden Mushroom Table Lamp - Cordless Mushroom Lamp - Battery Run Table Lamps

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Eno: Wooden Mushroom Table Lamp - Cordless Mushroom Lamp - Battery Run Table Lamps

Introducing Eno, a whimsical fusion of style and functionality in the form of a mushroom table lamp. As an embodiment of charm and innovation, Eno redefines the concept of tabletop lighting with its delightful design and convenient battery operation. Whether adorning your bedside table, living room console, or any other surface in need of illumination, Eno adds a touch of enchantment to your living spaces.

Crafted to resemble the whimsical form of a mushroom, Eno infuses any room with a sense of playful elegance. The unique design captures the imagination, making it a delightful accent piece that sparks conversation and adds character to your home decor. Available in two timeless colors, Eno effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles, from contemporary chic to rustic charm.

Eno's battery-operated design offers unparalleled convenience and versatility. Free from the constraints of cords and plugs, these table lamps can be placed anywhere in your home without the need for proximity to electrical outlets. Whether you're creating a cozy reading nook, setting the mood for a romantic dinner, or adding ambiance to an outdoor gathering, Eno provides reliable illumination wherever it's needed most.

With four sizes and shapes to choose from, Eno offers options to suit any space and aesthetic preference. Whether you prefer the classic silhouette of a traditional mushroom or the sleek lines of a modern interpretation, Eno provides versatile lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance of your living spaces with style and sophistication. Choose from a range of sizes to fit your needs, whether you're looking for a subtle accent or a statement piece that commands attention.

Despite its whimsical appearance, Eno is equipped with powerful LED bulbs that offer efficient and long-lasting illumination. The battery-operated design ensures hours of uninterrupted use on a single charge, making Eno ideal for both everyday use and special occasions. Whether you need gentle ambient light for relaxation or focused task lighting for reading or crafting, Eno provides adjustable brightness levels to suit your needs.

In the bedroom, Eno mushroom table lamps serve as charming bedside companions, providing soft illumination for nighttime reading or creating a cozy ambiance for relaxation. The battery-operated design eliminates the need for unsightly cords and plugs, ensuring a clutter-free and safe environment for rest and relaxation. With its whimsical design and warm glow, Eno adds a touch of magic to your nighttime routine.

In the living room or dining area, Eno adds a playful touch to your decor while providing practical lighting solutions for everyday use. Whether used as a centerpiece on your coffee table or as a charming accent on your dining table, these battery-run table lamps create a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings and socializing. The versatility of Eno allows you to easily move the lamps from one space to another, providing illumination wherever it's needed most.

Installation of Eno battery-operated table lamps is effortless, requiring no complicated wiring or assembly. Simply insert the batteries (not included) and switch on the lamp to enjoy instant illumination at the touch of a button. With its user-friendly design and hassle-free operation, Eno allows you to enjoy convenient lighting solutions without the need for professional installation or complex setup.

Experience the enchantment of Eno mushroom table lamps and add a touch of whimsy to your living spaces. Whether adorning your bedside table, living room console, or dining area, Eno offers versatile lighting solutions that enhance your home decor with charm and elegance. Illuminate your home with Eno and transform any space into a magical retreat.


A - 16.5cm Height x 10cm Width

B - 16.5cm Height x 10cm Width 

C - 10.5cm Height x 9cm Width 

D - 10.5cm Height x 9cm Width 

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