Ghiaccio Hand Blown Murano Glass Chandelier


Ghiaccio is a hand blown murano glass chandelier, inspired by the elegance and beauty of natures beautifully formed icicles. Each icicle is delicately hand blown and hung from the chandelier frame to create a visually creative and artistic chandelier.  Available in a wide range of sizes which are listed below. If you have any questions regarding this light please email us at 



1 - Straight 75cm Diameter x 88cm Height

2 - Straight 90cm Diameter x 116cm Height

3 - Straight 106cm Diameter x 150cm Height

4 - Straight 120cm Diameter x 185cm Height

5 - Spiral 130cm Diameter x 260cm Height

6 - Spiral 200cm Diameter x 280cm Height


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