Clear Crystal Raindrop Luxury Hotel Chandelier 


Kana took its inspiration from nature, the purity and tranquillity of a raindrop descending from the sky. Modelled in pure crystal glass to capture the moment in time a droplet falls to earth. 

If you require a custom base size please contact us to discuss your requirements.



As standard this light comes on a square chrome ceiling base. We have options of rectangular or circular ceiling base shape, and other colours include Black, White, Gold. 



12 LED Lights built into ceiling base.

Ceiling base dimensions  1m x 1m (x0.90m Max drop length.)



24 LED Lights built into ceiling base.

Ceiling base dimensions 2m x 2m (x1.5 Max drop length.)


Extra Large (as pictured):

64 LED Lights built into ceiling base. 

Ceiling base dimensions 3m x 3m (x2.5m Max drop length.)


4-8 weeks. Worldwide shipping. Manufactured in the UK.