Jason Miller Modo 3 Head Globe Wall Lamp Sconce Replica - Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures

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Jason Miller Modo 3 Head Globe Wall Lamp Sconce Replica - Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures


Crafted with precision, our mid century wall light fixtures -  Modo wall sconces draw inspiration from Jason Miller's original Modo design, meticulously replicated through advanced manufacturing techniques to achieve a superior finish.



Metal body finished in your colour choice, glass hand blown shades finished in your choice of colour.


Electrics made for any country world wide.


Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures

Jason Miller is renowned for his unique approach to lighting design, which expertly bridges the gap between contemporary aesthetics and mid-century modern sensibilities. His Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures are particularly notable for their elegant designs, incorporating elements that echo the simplicity, functionality, and organic shapes characteristic of mid-century modernism, while also infusing modern materials and innovative design concepts.

Miller's mid century inspired wall lights often feature clean lines, geometric shapes, and a harmonious balance between form and function. This is evident in fixtures such as the Modo series, which showcases spherical glass globes arranged in precise, balanced compositions on metal frameworks. The choice of materials like brass, aluminum, and glass not only pays homage to the era’s iconic design elements but also adds a contemporary twist through finishes and detailing that resonate with today’s interiors.

Key aspects of Jason Miller’s Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures include:

    Minimalist Aesthetic: His designs reflect the mid-century modern principle of "less is more," focusing on simplicity and eliminating unnecessary details, which results in clean, uncluttered forms that stand out for their beauty and practicality.

    Quality Materials: True to mid-century modern values, Miller employs high-quality, durable materials that ensure longevity and timeless appeal. Metals such as brass and aluminum are frequently used, providing a sleek, industrial look that is both stylish and functional.

    Functionality: Miller’s lighting fixtures are designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also for practical, everyday use. Many of his designs feature adjustable components or are conceived to provide the optimal lighting solution, marrying functionality with design.

    Organic and Geometric Forms: Incorporating both organic curves and geometric precision, Miller’s wall lights nod to the iconic designs of the mid-century while maintaining a fresh, contemporary edge. This blend of forms makes his pieces versatile, suitable for a range of interior styles.

    Innovative Lighting Solutions: By incorporating modern lighting technologies, such as LED, into his designs, Miller’s fixtures offer energy efficiency and improved luminosity, reflecting a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Jason Miller’s Mid Century Wall Light Fixtures are not just lighting solutions; they are statements of design philosophy, offering a timeless elegance that complements both vintage-inspired and contemporary interiors. By integrating mid-century modern principles with forward-thinking design, Miller has created a line of lighting that is both nostalgic and boldly modern, appealing to those who appreciate the legacy of mid-century design as well as the demands of contemporary living.


 History of the Jason Miller Modo Wall Sconce 3 Globe. 


The Jason Miller Modo Wall Sconce is a part of the Modo collection designed by Jason Miller. It is a contemporary and stylish lighting fixture that brings a touch of modern elegance to your walls. Here is an overview of the Modo Wall Sconce:


Design: The Modo Wall Sconce features a sleek and minimalist design. It typically consists of a metal frame with arms or branches extending from a wall-mounted plate. The arms hold exposed light bulbs, creating a visually striking effect. The frame and arms are often constructed from metal, such as brass or blackened steel, which adds a touch of industrial aesthetic.

Lighting: The Modo Wall Sconce provides ambient or accent lighting, depending on the direction and brightness of the bulbs used. The exposed bulbs create a warm and inviting glow, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the space. The number of bulbs in the sconce can vary, ranging from a single bulb to multiple bulbs.

Versatility: The Modo Wall Sconce is a versatile lighting solution that can be used in various settings and rooms. It can serve as an accent piece in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, or any area where you want to add a touch of modern sophistication. The sconce can be installed individually or in multiples to create a cohesive and visually interesting lighting arrangement.

Integration with Interior Decor: The Modo Wall Sconce's design seamlessly blends with different interior styles, from contemporary and modern to industrial and minimalist. The clean lines and geometric shapes add a sense of visual interest without overpowering the space. It complements a wide range of color palettes and interior design schemes.

 Overall, the Jason Miller Modo Wall Sconce is a stylish lighting fixture that combines modern design with modular flexibility. Its sleek appearance and warm illumination make it a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary and sophisticated lighting solution for their walls.


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