Kevin Reilly manages to create perfectly original sources of illumination that combine old-fashioned romanticism and contemporary and attributes with ease. The Hemel is wonderful piece that oozes charm and sophistication. An excellent light to place over a large dining table or entrance hall. The style of this light means that it can be placed with any decor, from the ultra modern to the more traditional.

The round base sits glass candles, with charming swooping ceiling poles that simply adds to its character. A simple yet effective design,  that no one can pass without admiring its beauty. A fabulous light not just for the home. It can also be placed in restaurants, bars, hotels or even the office. Possibilities are endless for this magnificently versatile light.

Comes in 3 different sizes. We can also custom make this light if the height is too long for your room. Our lights are crafted using the highest quality and construction standards, together with creative influence and fantastic innovative design of Reilly himself.  Customizable - Please feel free to email us the details and we will be happy to help.


Product Dimensions:

    SIZE 1 Ø: 61.0 cm   9 candles,   3 stems
    SIZE 2 Ø: 76.2 cm   12 candles, 3 stems
    SIZE 3 Ø: 84.4 cm   13 candles, 3 stems
    SIZE 4 Ø: 94.9 cm   17 candles, 4 stems
    SIZE 5 Ø: 109.8 cm 19 candles, 4 stems
    SIZE 6 Ø: 122.5 cm 21 candles, 4 stems


Made To Order: 7-21 day delivery

Kevin Reilly Hemel Altar Chandelier Replica