Designer Lighting

Designer lighting is key to recreating the mood and atmosphere of hotel and high class interiors. Consider simple designer table lamps, torchiers or modern wall sconces aimed at the ceiling, overhead designer lights such as modern style chandeliers or rustic black wrought iron lanterns will add to the look. Consider installing a dimmer switch to control the light levels. These lights look particularly good in rooms with high ceilings or in barn conversions.
With an expanding inventory of indoor wall lighting solutions, we help to illuminate, decorate, and define your living space. Addressing all types of ambient and diffused designer lighting requirements, these wall lights are the perfect solution for the contemporary livings/outdoor space.
The term decorative lighting covers all the traditional kinds of designer lights fittings such as floor lights, pendants, chandeliers, and differentiates them from technical or architectural lighting such as down-lighters. Designer lighting is an effective and simple way to highlight or emphasize a room's special features - beautiful artwork, interesting architectural details or an attractive floral arrangement

Designer lights control

It is best to keep accent lighting on separate switches or dimmers, apart from ambient lighting, That way, you can strike a balance between general room lighting and the item that is being accented. You can intensify the effect of accent lighting by reducing the ambient lighting in the rest of the room.

Designer lighting placement

Where you place your lamps is important. Try different locations to create the right setting, making sure to keep the lamp as close as possible to the item you're illuminating.
Decorative designer lighting can help express your individualism. It can simply provide adequate ambient light - perhaps from a simple hanging fixture - or it can become a work of art that sets a mood. Consider the different effects produced by a beautiful period hand blown chandelier to a modern minimal designer light.
When using decorative lighting, you can provide the ambient lighting you need with a ceiling-mounted fixture fitted with compact fluorescent bulbs in the centre of a room with designer lights / designer lighting.