Artemis Luxury Hotel Chandelier - Tube Design with Sleek Modern Aesthetic - Perfect for High-End Hospitality Spaces - Hotel Lobby Chandelier

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Artemis Luxury Hotel Chandelier - Tube Design with Sleek Modern Aesthetic - Perfect for High-End Hospitality Spaces - Hotel Lobby Chandelier 


The Artemis chandelier is a magnificent hotel lobby chandelier that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any hotel lobby or grand entrance. This type of luxury hotel chandelier is designed with multiple large sizes, which means that it can be customized to fit the specific needs of the hotel space.

The hotel lobby chandelier is made from high-quality clear acrylic, which gives it a stunning crystal-like appearance that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters the room. The clear acrylic material also allows the light to shine through the chandelier, creating a beautiful, sparkling effect.

The luxury hotel chandelier features a round shape, which adds to its grandeur and creates a sense of balance and symmetry. The circular design also allows the light to spread evenly throughout the room, illuminating every corner and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The multiple large sizes available for this chandelier allow it to be tailored to the size and scale of the hotel space. Whether the space is grand and expansive or more intimate and cozy, there is a size that will work perfectly to enhance the ambiance.

Overall, Artemis is a stunning lighting fixture that is sure to impress guests and make a lasting impression. Its timeless design and exquisite beauty will enhance any hotel space and create a memorable experience for guests.


Customisation available please email for more information. 



Size 1 - 150cm Diameter x 300cm Length 

Size 2 - 180cm Diameter x 350cm Length 

Size 3 - 200cm Diameter x 400cm Length 

Size 4 - 220cm Diameter x 450cm Length 

Size 5 - 250cm Diameter x 500cm Length 


Made in the UK, shipped worldwide. 


Why choose an acrylic chandelier? 


Acrylic is a popular and versatile material for making large chandeliers for several reasons.

Firstly, acrylic is a highly transparent material that has a similar look to crystal or glass. It is often referred to as "plexiglass" or "Lucite". Acrylic allows the light to pass through it, creating a beautiful and sparkling effect that is ideal for chandeliers. This transparency makes it perfect for large chandeliers as it enhances the overall aesthetics of the fixture.

Secondly, acrylic is lightweight and easy to handle compared to other materials such as glass or crystal. This makes it easier to transport, install and maintain. As a result, acrylic chandeliers can be made in larger sizes without weighing down the ceiling or structure on which they are mounted.

Thirdly, acrylic is durable and has high resistance to impact, scratches, and shattering, making it a safer option than glass or crystal. This feature is especially important in busy commercial settings like hotels, where accidental impacts and breakages are more likely to happen.

In summary, acrylic is a great material for large chandeliers due to its transparency, lightweight and durability. It's an ideal material for creating beautiful, grand, and sparkling lighting fixtures that will enhance the ambiance of any space.